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Agile teaming, a new way of working
Agile teaming, a new way of working

The agile approach, mostly known from software development, is spreading more and more throughout different kinds of companies and appears to be a very successful way of working.

It refers to the ability of a business system to rapidly respond to change, by adapting its initial configuration in a quick and easy way.

Agile organisations consist out of chapters, squads and tribes.

A chapter contains members of the same discipline and determines how jobs should be tackled.

A squad includes people from different disciplines, or chapters. It is self-steering and autonomous, and is responsible for a specific mission. For example, creating the most effective search engine for all customers, on all digital devices. They sit physically together to enhance team communication and all members are only focused on one mission within one squad.

A tribe is a collection of squads with interconnected missions. The leader of the tribe makes sure knowledge and insights are shared between the different squads and different tribes. He determines the priorities and allocates the available budget.

Learn more about agile teaming! Watch this example of ING banking: