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COVID-19: Back to the office with Tribeloo

We create a safer environment for your employees to return to.

Three key features to support this:

Easy approval and controlled seating

Approve requests to come to the office through our automated workflow and manage seating

Targeted cleaning

Ensure desk and meeting rooms are cleaned swiftly after every use and before they can be used again

Integrated contact tracing

Find out on the maps who has been in proximity with whom to follow up on COVID cases

Enjoy seamless integration with the Outlook addin. Create and review reservations directly in your Outlook calendar.
Enjoy seamless integration with the G Suite extension for ChromeConsult and manage reservations in your own calendar.

We will partner with you to get the most out of your workplace based on data-driven insights

✓ Lift employee satisfaction

✓ Elevate the office experience

✓ Improve efficiency and save rent

Did you know?


of employees work
2,5 days outside the office,
and the number keeps increasing


claim workplace seating arrangements have a negative effect on their mental wellbeing
unless the right tool is provided

Modern challenges need modern solutions. And innovative methods like agile teaming or hot desking demand the proper digital tools to get everyone organised. We provide those tools.

Plug & play

A cloud based solution with plug and play setup that allows an easy roll-out in your company.


Tribeloo is built for scale. It grows with you one location after another without compromising performance.

Tribeloo offers a host of sophisticated features you can readily adapt to your needs.

Manage all your locations including centralised user provisioning and Single Sign-On

Innovative resources that give your employees and office managers the power to do more, and do it better.

Employees can team up with their colleagues and get everything they need to reserve a desk or meeting room:
Office managers are equipped with automatic, data-driven tools that help optimise space usage and keep control of all bookings: