Total control over the workplace

Desk management and meeting room solution

Automated tools for office managers for hassle-free managing of the workplace

Simple yet comprehensive admin management of rooms, desks, locations, users, devices, permissions and rules.
"Thanks to the dashboard insights, day-to-day conflicts are resolved quickly and without any hassle for the users."

Key features

Look at the dashboard to get a clear overview and solve periods of high demand

Get actionable to-do lists per location and easily assign spaces

Simplify your work by letting AI automatically assign the right space and give daily recommendations on solving high demand
Re-organise the workplace regularly while keeping record on all existing space requests

Check room occupancy and availability from your own Outlook or Google calendar

Use automated emails to ensure seamless communication with your employees
Drag & drop to set up multiple locations for different time zones in a few simple steps
In case of emergency, use the screens to communicate with everyone present in the office
Minimise no-shows by requiring your employees to check in for specific spaces
Set up rules for desks and meeting rooms depending on user level and location
Inform users in one click that their requests are handled
Add and configure spaces, parking spots, lockers, etc. on a map with simple dragging & dropping

Get an overview of all the reported space issues and assign them to the right person

When no desks are available anymore, use the meeting rooms as a temporary solution

Manage workplace density with the automated workflow allowing approval in one click

Follow a targeted cleaning schedule for the workplace to ensure well-being of your employees

Determine the cleaning time for desks and rooms after every use, during which they cannot be booked

Contact tracing helps to manage the spread of infection by tracking who has been working in close proximity to the affected employee

✓ Lift employee work satisfaction

✓ Elevate your office experience

✓ Save big on your rent