Get the most out of your space

Desk management and meeting room solution

Powerful insights and analytics to prevent wasteful use of space

Make your office layout evolve as the needs of your workforce evolve, based on handy data-driven insights directly accessible online.
"Agile working in limited space is easy when you have precise insights of how each desk or room is being used."
Consult our expert facility team & partners, to learn current trends on how people work, so you can generate ideas to implement in your own workspace.
“Making the right decision is simple when you have experts’ advice at your disposal.”

Key features

Do a detailed analysis of a specific location and time frame to get the data you need for the next smart decision

Get valuable data that matters: room utilization, when rooms are booked & cancelled, duration of a booking, which ones are popular etc.

Use data to plan your next shift in workplace and find out how many private or open spaces, meeting or focus spaces your need

Free up space for more bonding & collaboration

Identify trends in how your people work & collaborate

✓ Lift employee work satisfaction

✓ Elevate your office experience

✓ Save big on your rent