Modernised. Digital. The office experience 2.0.

Desk management and meeting room solution

Desk and meeting room displays equipped with the latest touchscreen and sensor technology

The web solutions effortlessly connect to the meeting room displays and sensors. This allows you to book a meeting on-the-spot or end meetings sooner than planned.

“When no one is showing up, meeting rooms become available again thanks to check-ins & sensors”

The desk displays in combination with the sensors and kiosks give you a clear overview of what is available in the office. Book one via the touch screens and it becomes yours – for as long as you need it!

"The digital signage solutions gave me an instant overview of the workplace availability"

Key features

Colourful LEDs show which desks and rooms are available to book a space on-the-spot

Use the touch buttons to check in, end or extend your reservations

Displays provide you with an overview of daily bookings and availability, allowing you to book for later
Inform your employees via messages displayed on the touch screens
Turn all displays red in case of emergency and show an emergency message
User-personalised displays make everyone in the office feel at home
Easily set up your displays and mount them on any surface without much hassle
A fantastic performance is ensured by Tribeloo’s high-tech processor and memory
The elegant, minimalistic display design readily blends in with any interior and office furniture

Use sensors to verify the occupancy of a desk or meeting room



✓ Lift employee work satisfaction

✓ Elevate your office experience

✓ Save big on your rent