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Why technology is so important during this workplace revolution
Why technology is so important during this workplace revolution

Nowadays, people can instantly and easily connect with their colleagues from anywhere in the world. The way businesses operate has been massively impacted by both technology and globalisation.

Employees are also working more and more outside the main office location for a variety of reasons that can benefit both the employer and the employee. By allowing them to manage their work/life balance more effectively and adjusting it to their needs, companies hope to achieve a happier workforce and thereby increase productivity.

With hot desking having lots of controversy over the years, it is essential for flexible agile working. Definitely when accompanied with the right technological tools, it can boost employee productivity drastically. It is a solution for workers who are mobile and are rarely in the actual office.

But to make hot desking work, a good IT strategy is essential. Employees not only need the ability to easily login at any desk or meeting room, they also need the ability to book one online on an easily accessible platform before they arrive at the building. The benefit for companies is that they can efficiently use vacant desk areas more constructively to create for example extra meeting rooms or informal breakout spaces.

These new ways of working, such as hot desking and agile teaming, improve office communications and accelerate decision making in the workplace. However, it may not be an ideal solution for staff who need a quiet environment for concentrated work, therefore it is preferable to keep easily reconfigured spaces for different tasks, which are available for employees and evolving teams to book. It enables a clutter free and well-organised office, also proven by research these have a correlation with productivity. Too much visual stimulation had a measurably negative effect on productivity. Therefore providing your employees with lockers for personal belongings and work stuff, will give them the feeling of being in control.