Desk management and meeting room solution

Managing workspace density at the office
Managing workspace density at the office

In the COVID-19 environment, companies are looking for solutions to enable teams to work together at the office in a safe environment, the focus must be on controlling workspace density and ensuring social distancing. 

In order to manage seating plans, Tribeloo makes it easy for office managers to control which desks and meeting rooms can be booked by whom. They can also set rules so that users need to ask approval to book certain desks or rooms.

This process is supported by an automated workflow allowing approval in one click. By doing so, companies can easily manage workspace density and ensure that teams can work together in their own areas while limiting interaction with other teams.

The map shows how your employees will experience this:

  • Desks could appear red to them, to ensure social distancing and co-location of teams
  • Blue desks or rooms can be requested, but will need to be approved by the office manager before coming to the office.
  • Team members will be visible on the map with their picture, to easily allow booking of desks close to them