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Making hot desking a success
Making hot desking a success

When looking into new ways of working, hot desking has become very popular over the years. Although you will come across many contradicting opinions, people who really love it, people who are against it, it is unfortunately often not implemented properly. Which creates a need for companies to empower the well-being of their employees more.

A survey, done by Brickendon of 1001 office workers aged 18 and over, looked at the effect of hot desking. It concluded that 80% of employees found that workplace seating arrangements can have a negative effect on their mental wellbeing. The most important causes defined by the respondents were: wasting time setting up their computer everyday (44%), wasting time looking for an available desk when starting work (31%) and having difficulty bonding with their colleagues (22%).

More than half of respondents (58%) claimed that not knowing where to sit every day causes the most stress when it comes to hot desking. However 61% felt that being able to pre-book their seat in advance would solve the problem.

This means that providing the right tools is crucial for it to work.

Christopher Burke, CEO of Brickendon, said: “There are growing issues in the way businesses are currently managing and looking after their workforce, causing an alarming need for companies to rectify this situation and enhance employee wellbeing. Managing this can be a minefield and in its current state, hot desking is very much flawed and worryingly affecting employees’ mental wellbeing. It’s an important issue requiring urgent attention.”

This can particularly be the case in larger firms, he added. “If you’ve got an office of 400 people and they’re constantly changing desks, it can make communication difficult and organising it can create a stressful environment.”

There are benefits to hot desking. However, Burke said: “It can help staff to share knowledge and interact with people they normally might not get the chance to talk to. It can also make for much tidier, calm workspaces.”

Burke recommended companies focus on proper planning to make a success out of hot desking: “Everyone should be able to book a desk in advance. This can take away the stress and anxiety that can be experienced from not being sure of where you’re going to sit. Luckily there is a lot of technology out there that can make the process easier.”